Tropical Islands Vacations

  1. Did you know that Jadd Fong Travel specializes in tropical islands vacations?
  2. Did you know we have family vacation ideas for great family vacation packages to your favorite vacation spots?
  3. Do you dream of great family vacation at an exotic tropical islands but don’t know where to go or how to get there?
  4. Do you and your family wish to spend more quality time at an all inclusive family resort that meets your fantasy?
  5. Do you wish to forget your daily routine and see and do something refreshing to your mind and body at an all inclusive resort or on a luxury cruise ship?
  6. Would you love a tropical island vacation where you can breathe fresh air, relax and just forget everything at a fabulous tropical vacation resort?
  7. Do you feel stressed out because of the information overload on the internet, then allow our travel company (who knows the islands), to take care of all your planning for your next family vacation?

Who We Are

Tropical Islands ManagerBeing born and lived most of his adult life on a tropical island in the Caribbean, John Fontaine of Jadd Fong Travel knows and has a good eye for vacation sports. While living in the Caribbean, he travelled extensively throughout the region, educating himself about the different cultures and the best vacation spots. You can share his passion for the tropical islands and live your dream of basking in the sunshine on a tropical vacation island beach. He is also a Hawaiian destination specialist which is another popular area for tropical vacations. In addition, John has achieved individual certification for each of the respective islands. He has also visited the individual island on several occasions to learn about the best spots for travel to Hawaii. There is no best island in Hawaii as each island is different and offers its own unique tropical vacations. You can fall in love and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Hawaiian tropical islands by allowing our travel company to plan your vacation to Hawaii. “I work with business professionals and their families, who are tired of dragging through their hectic schedule and wish to unplug and rejuvenate their minds, without having the stress of thinking where to go. I help them by creating self unwinding vacations to exotic tropical island destinations that will replenish them with fresh energy.” – John Fontaine

Tropical islands Sulphur Spa

Family Vacation Benefits

  1. Clients are not only pampered from the first contact with our travel company but long after they return home from vacation.
  2. We take care of all your travel arrangements including documents – all you have to do is get there. 
  3. In addition to providing our clients with an exceptional tropical islands vacation experience, we also familiarize them with their destinations prior to their travel date.
  4. Our clients become lifelong members of the Jadd Fong Family.
  5. Our clients do not travel alone as we are available 24/7 anytime including weekends and holidays. We are a phone call away in case our clients require assistance on any matter.
  6. Luxury Cruise ship benefits on certain sailings:
    1. Exclusive shore event that is not available to most passengers on the same cruise.
    2. Private cocktail reception where you get to know other passengers in the group.
    3. Services of a concierge host to answer any question or special request.